I’ll support NDC to fight E-levy – Kwame A Plus 

I'll support NDC to fight E-levy - Kwame A Plus

Kwame A Plus

Controversial political activist Kwame A plus has disclosed that he would support the NDC in their fight against the legalization of the E-levy.

During a discussion about national issues on Tv3’s New day show, A Plus declared an anti-E-levy campaign against the current government.

“I want to support the NDC in their fight against E- levy. I want them to have a press conference, call all Ghanaians and tell them that if the E- levy is passed when we (NDC) come to power, we will cancel it. They should bring everybody together and make this statement.”

According to Kwame A-Plus, he is against the e-Levy just as much as every levy set up to milk the poor masses. He reasoned that such monies are being charged, yet are not used for their intended purpose.

“I am against E- levy. I’ve been against every levy. Because I think that they just come, find a very easy way to make money, and then that money is even not used for the intended purpose. It is being wasted,” he said

He also complained bitterly about the numerous tax deductions introduced in the system by the government. And yet the country is still the same.

“If roads would be built, Cookie, you and I have been in this country, whatever project. How many taxes haven’t been introduced to do what, and we are still the same? Ghana! You see that’s the problem we are facing now,” Kwame A Plus.

By Gladys Cudjoe|3news.com|Ghana