Assembly Members Reject Yendi MCE Nominee

Members of the Yendi Municipal Assembly in the Northern Region have rejected the president’s nominee Ahmed Yussuf Abubakar as the Municipal Chief Executive.

Twenty one assembly members voted YES representing 51% while 20 of them voted NO representing 48%.

The president’s nominee was supposed to secure 28 votes out of the 41 vote cast to guarantee his confirmation.

The nominee appears to be the first to be rejected in the region.

The Director of Election in the Northern region, Lucas Yiryil, after the voting indicated that the nominee Ahmed Yussuf Abubakar failed to get majority votes.

He however hinted that the nominees qualifies for a second opportunity.

“If you cross 50% you are qualified for a second round within 10days so the assembly will determine when the next voting will take place within this 10 days