FixTheCountry case adjourned to June 25

An Accra High Court has adjourned to Friday, 25 June 2021, to rule on some objections raised against the Attorney General in the matter of the Republic versus the conveners of the #FixTheCountry campaigners.

Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame, on Monday, 21 June 2021, read an application “seeking an order directed at the organisers and conveners of an intended demonstration dubbed #fixthecountry protest March, their associates, agents, assigns and workmen, prohibiting the conduct of the said demonstration on grounds of public safety, public security, and public health, till the restrictions imposed on large public gatherings are lifted by law.”

He was, however, interrupted by a lawyer for the conveners, Mr Julius Asinyo, who objected to the motion.

Mmr Asinyo argued that the proceedings were civil in nature and should have been instituted and led by the police and not the Attorney General.

Mr Dame counter-argued that the police service is a public service per the Constitution and must enjoy the legal services of the legal representation of the Attorney General.

The High Court will rule on this objection on Friday, 25 June 2021.

The #FixTheCountry campaigners want to demonstrate against the government for what they describe as economic hardships and are also demanding better governance.

The police, however, want to stop them with the excuse that the ban on mass gathering is still in force to prevent further spread of the coronavirus