Youth losing faith in Ghana’s democracy – Mahama

John Dramani Mahama Official JDM

Youth would soon refuse to vote because voting does not affect their livelihood

Unemployment cannot be solved by one government – Former president

Every government has faced the issue of unemployment, Mahama

Ghana’s ex-president, John Dramani Mahama, has stated that the youth in Ghana are losing their faith in the country’s democracy.

He explained that the main reason is that they do not get jobs after promises have been made during election campaigns.

“The danger we face is that our young people continue to lose faith in our democracy because then the point they make is democracy those not work for us why should I come out and vote”, he added.

The former president, therefore, urged the ruling government to work together with all stakeholders including the opposition NDC to find a solution to the menace of unemployment in the country.null

According to the ex-president, the issue of employment is a serious problem that has confronted not only the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government but also past governments including his NDC (National Democratic Congress) administration.

John Mahama who was speaking during a thank you tour in the Upper West region explained the reason why unemployment continues to be an issue is that the number of jobs created yearly far outweighs the number of graduates from the country’s tertiary institutions.

“I have been president before and I know that our economy is not turning out jobs as we are turning out young people from our educational institutions”, he said

The former president noted that the solution to the unemployment problem can not be solved by on government.

“The solution does not lie in one person’s head; that is why I have always said that we are willing as a party to join the ruling party and let’s have a high level summit on job creation to see how we can come out with a communique on what successive government must do to make sure our young people can get jobs to do so that we can grow the economy faster and make sure that our people live in decency and dignity”, he said