Millions of young people will lose their jobs if E-levy is implemented – MoMo agents

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana is asking the government to completely scrap the E- Levy proposal from the 2022 budget.

The group says the policy is not pro poor.

The agents at a press conference today have therefore sounded a word of caution to government to consider dropping the policy and has given itself one month to determine the next course of action .

“It will elicit behavior that will undermine the cash lite and the digitalization drive of the economy, millions of young people will lose their jobs , 80 per cent chances of going back to the cash system, an envisaged potential business will be a mirage, innovative businesses that thrive on mobile money may lose their investments, the country will be taken several years back from where we have gotten to,” Evans Otumfuo, General Secretary said at a press conference on Tuesday December 7.

The Finance Minister Mr Ofori Atta indicated at a press conference on Monday December 6 said that consultations were still going on regarding the proposal in order to reach a consensus.

“On the matter of the E-levy, having regard to its serious fiscal implications, we will continue our consultations with the Minority Caucus in Parliament and other relevant stakeholders, with a view to achieving consensus and reverting to the House in the shortest possible time,” he said.