Youth of Yilo Krobo resist prepaid meters installation

Youth of Yilo and Manya Krobo communities are protesting against a move by state power distributor, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to introduce prepaid meters in the areas.

The residents have had concerns about wrongful billing, poor investigation into a shooting incident that affected a handful of residents in a violent clash three years ago and ECG’S inconsiderate handling of issues arising.

Convener of the youth group, United Krobo Foundation group , Nathan Boryou, said “prepaid metering within the Krobo states must stop immediately”.

He added “The ECG as an Institution was not able to resolve the problem of their customers within Krobo area .The grievances of customers are so agitating that more problems may occur in days ahead”.

Another youth also said “We are tired of ECG, and we cannot work with them again. Secondly, we are ordering VRA to give us power supply straight from VRA

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