‘I was hooked as a common criminal’ – Sosu recounts traumatic experience with police

Francis Xavier Sosu   Recounts

Francis-Xavier Sosu recounts his encounter with the police

He said, he was manhandled

He spoke on Metro TV

Francis-Xavier Sosu has recounted that for his own effort to free himself from the officers of the Ghana Police Service, he would have been treated as a common criminal.

The Madina MP led some of his constituents on a demonstration against bad roads on October 25, a sanctioned march which the police contend triggered some unlawful acts, hence the attempt to arrest the MP.

He said the police manhandled him on the day of the protest and he subsequently reported two police officers to Parliament.null

There were also police officers present at a church service to arrest the MP, although the police have denied that they were there to arrest him.

Sosu questioned why some senior police officers will obstruct his duty as an MP.

“How would you show up in a protest and hook a Member of Parliament as a common criminal, it took my own effort to wedge them off and the youth surrounding and resisting,” he recounted on Metro TV’s ‘Good Afternoon Ghana’ on Friday, November 19.

The NDC MP indicated that it is so easy for any individual to be screaming, are MPs above the law or whatsoever.

To him, what happened between himself and the Police during the protest is far from an MP acting as if he was above the law.

“Nobody is above the law; I am very conversant of Article 17 of the Constitution i.e. equality before the law. It doesn’t matter [who you are, you can be] the street sweeper, the President, Assembly Member, the Unit Committee Member, the Municipal Chief Executive, the trotro driver, the Okada rider.

“Everybody in this country is equal before the law and equality before the law also implies that the police is equal before the law.

“The same law that gives you the power of arrest, prescribes the mode of the arrest. If you do not follow that mode because it is about the liberty of another citizen, that arrest will be unlawful,” lawyer Sosu explained.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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