Survey: 56% of Ghanaians have confidence in Dampare’s leadership of Police

A survey by the Bureau of Public Safety has revealed about 56% of Ghanaians have confidence in the leadership of Dr. George Akuffo-Dampare as Inspector General of Police.

Some 59% of the citizenry also say they have seen some significant improvement in the conduct of the Police since Dr. Dampare assumed office.

“While we acknowledge that a 100th Day measure for the IGP has not been the norm, and thus we do not expect to see any significant changes in the realm of safety and security within this short period, we are minded by the fact that this survey will provide hints and leads into the general opinion of the public on safety and security cum police performance.

“Responses from the survey also throws lights on policing aspects that the Ghana Police Service will need to focus attention and resources on in the short to medium term, if not the long term.

Overall, the survey polled responses from 583 respondents
“56% of the respondents indicated that they have confidence in the new Police Administration, while 37% remained neutral, and 7% said they do not have confidence in the new administration,” the Survey said.

The survey also noted: “Only 19% of respondents considered themselves safe in the past 90 days, as against 25% who considered themselves unsafe, and another 46% who were unsure about their safety. 57% of respondents said Officers of the Ghana Police Service did not show concern for citizens, and only 8% claimed that Officers showed concern for citizens.

“Nonetheless, 66% of respondents indicated that they will not hesitate to call on the Police Service for assistance. On Police Visibility, 38% of respondents indicated dissatisfaction and another 27% remained neutral, while 35% indicated satisfaction”.

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