When I Saw The Seven Supreme Court Judges, I Lost Hope: John Mahama Speaks On The Election Petition

John Mahama met the NDC party stakeholders this afternoon as part of his Thank You tour in the Central Region. He reacted once again to the 2020 election petition. Mahama compared and contrasted the 2012 election to the 2020 election petition.

Mahama explained that the judges were unjust. He recounted how the then Chief Justice, Madam Georgina Theodora, excluded herself from the panel of judges who presided the 2012 election. Mahama disclosed that he was shocked when he saw the current Chief Justice, Justice Kwesi Anin Yeboah on the panel.

Mahama added that when he saw the remaining six supreme court justices who presided the hearings, his heart skipped a beat. He revealed that he lost hope in the justice system at that particular instance. He stated boldly that he was not surprised at the consistent unanimous 7 votes.