May God not give Ghanaians the rule of NDC – Boakye Agyarko prays

Boakye Agyarko Disclaimer

•Boakye Agyarko says serving the country must be the ultimate aim of any politician

•He says serving the country requires sacrifices and that every politician must embrace it

•He says the NDC unlike the NPP has not accepted this reality

Boakye Agyarko, the former Energy Minister has said the desire to serve and contribute to the development of the country should be the prime motivation for anyone who decides to venture into politics.

According to him, serving the country requires sacrifices and that before deciding to veer into politics, one should recognize that the national interest will at each reign supreme.

Addressing members of the UPSA chapter of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON), Boakye Agyarko said that while the majority of the members of the New Patriotic Party has embraced this concept, the same cannot be said for their opponent, the National Democratic Congress.null

He asserts that the NDC has not come to terms with this notion as their members, he claims to hold a divergent view to what he is advancing.

He beseeched Heaven not to entrust the running of the country into the hands of any NDC leader as they will act in ways that in his wisdom will delay the scupper the country’s progress.

“All of us participate in politics to build a nation. A nation that can provide the greater comfort that we are looking for. A better future for ourselves and our succeeding generations. That is why we all participate in politics. I can imagine that some of our friends from the opposite side may have a different reason for getting into politics. The NDC think differently but not us.

“We participate in politics for the full purpose of building a good nation that we can live in. The primary assumption here is that the goodness we are looking for comes from good governance. Indeed, the Bible teaches us that when the righteous rule, the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, the people groan. It is not only Christians who believe this. Muslims also have their teachings.

“May the Lord bless and not give us the rule of NDC. We are going to achieve good governance by having a party such as ours in power. If we are going to be in power, we have to look at our dynamics,” he said.null

Boakye Agyarko in motivating the youth to bear the cross of Ghana and NPP said that being a member of the party comes with its unique challenge but the willingness to serve should always take precedence.

“Serving this party I can tell you is not an easy task. It involves a lot of difficulties because you are working with humans with various interests,” he said

“Regardless of the challenges, I will rather belong to this party and be ill-treated or maltreated than join any other organization out there calling itself a political party. When I go to Boiling Point on Oman FM, I greet party people and I say my party is right or wrong I stand by it. When I say this, it doesn’t mean your party will not wrong you, for NPP they will wrong you but it’s your party and I urge you that anytime your party wrongs you, have it as your mantra that it’s your party,” he said.