Our fight against crime is not at pace with what the criminals are doing’ – Atik to National Security

Atik Mohammed   New FSHS

Atik Mohammed, Executive Secretary of the Mass Action Movement, has urged the leadership of National Security to upgrade their security tactics to clamp down on criminals in the country.null

According to him, crime has become sophisticated, so to fight it demands a high level of sophistication.

He was commenting on the recent criminal activities in the country which involve recent armed robbery attacks on bullion vans.

There have been two bullion van attacks within the week.

On Monday, June 14, a Police officer and a woman in her forties were shot dead by armed robbers who attacked a bullion van at Jamestown in the Greater Accra Region.

The driver survived by gunshot wounds while two other women on the vehicle escaped unscathed.

Another bullion van attack reportedly happened on Thursday, June 17 on the Kasoa road.null

The occupants escaped unhurt amidst gunshots from the assailants.

Expressing concerns over the recent happenings, Atik Mohammed charged the National Security to train more experts to be proactive in fighting crimes.

He stated, “It is just not enough to change labels. You go and change BNI to NIB. It doesn’t imply that their work has become unique or you’ve taken it to the next level. You merely changed labels and changing of labels does not fight crime. I would have expected that the BNI early on used to do their work in this form but [AB] we have introduced a new technology. We have trained people to become experts in areas where we didn’t have experts in earlier.”

Atik Mohammed asked, ”what are our security agencies doing to make sure that they are at par? In fact, with crime, you always have to be ahead. What are they doing to equip themselves well enough to be ahead of these criminals?”

“Society is growing; it’s modernized. Crime is keeping pace . . . The truth is that it is outpacing [the way] even though there is modernity but crime is also trying to keep pace. But our management of crime or fight against crime is not at pace with what the criminals are doing. When you look at our security architecture, it’s lagging behind,” he emphasized

.Source: peacefmonline.com